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4 months ago by Summer School UBT from null


for „Bayreuth International Summer School“ by „University of Bayreuth

Find videos about the Advanced Polymers in Engineering & Energy course at and

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4 months ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „IUM Summer School“ by „International University of Monaco (IUM)

For a video about the Principality of Monaco, please see Further information about living in Monaco and the principality can be found at

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2 months ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „Campus Eiffel Summer Programs“ by „EBS European Business School, Paris

During the Campus Eiffel Summer Sessions, three Summer Certificate Programs are offered by EBS Paris, focusing on: 1) Digital Entrepreneurship in the New Economy, 2) Doing Business in Europe, 3) Fashion, Luxury & Art Management, Further summer programs are offered by the other three participating institutions. Please visit for further information.

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5 months ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „3 Week Summer Courses“ by „Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)

Portfolio Preparation for the Creative Arts Summer Course Website: 24 July -10 August 2018 On this course, you’ll produce work for your physical and digital portfolio exploring subjects including Drawing and Illustration, Graphic Design, Fashion, Photography, Film, Architecture, Mixed Media and Print Making. You’ll be working on a series of themed projects across a mixture of art subjects and experiment and explore your own creative identity whilst also developing your understanding of key creative processes to enhance your work. Take a look at what they did in the Summer 2017 Summer Course:

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Sabanci University

Istanbul, Turkey

Sabanci University, established in 1996, is a leading global university with interdisciplinary education that focuses on research and the individual; an environment of free academic choice and performance and a globally-influential faculty. Our university has become an international point of reference with its participation in flagship research projects, and with its innovative model of education that gives its students full freedom in choosing their area of study. SU is truly the place to study in Turkey. The university provides a multidisciplinary education across its three faculties. At SU, following the ideals of academic freedom, students have the chance to choose their majors after their first or second academic year. This allows students to decide what program to study at university with greater understanding about higher education and about their own academic and career interests. SU doesn’t only provide flexibility in major selection, however. With its world class faculty, the university provides a globally ranked education, fully in English, at affordable tuition fees compared to similar universities in other countries. This is supported even more by the comprehensive financial aid systems that are available for students of all nations and across all education levels and fields, guaranteeing a high quality accessible education for all. Research is also a big focus at Sabanci University. The university boasts a large number of laboratories and research centers, including the most advanced Nanotechnology Research and Application Center in the region. Graduates of Sabanci University are highly valued across all sectors and many countries. 90% of graduates find employment within a year of their graduation, and our over 7000 alumni go on to start their careers or do their postgraduates studies at some of the best companies and universities in the world.

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