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Marbella Design Academy

Marbella Design Academy was founded in 1995 and has, after 23 years of experience, developed into the modern, excellent Academy we have today. - Institution state-recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education. - Our Bachelor of Arts Validated programmes are Validated by University of Bedfordshire, who award BA (Hons) degrees to Marbella Design Academy graduates. - Situated in its own state recognised building living up to all the requirements given by the Ministry of Education in Spain. - Offering many interesting programmes such as: - Bachelor of Arts validated programmes in Interior Architecture & Design, Graphic Design & Media and Fashion Design & Manufacture. - Summer Courses - Foundation Courses Marbella Design Academy is an exclusive design school with a family-like atmosphere among students and staff who originate from around the world. The maximum number of places available is 230. The students receive a great deal of personal attention and one-to-one tuition from their teachers. We are constantly expanding and improving our curriculum to the latest marked demands. The atmosphere is energetic, creative and inspiring. We encourage our students to collaborate and experiment with their designs, in either small groups or with one-to-one tuition sessions with their tutor. Although the work is intensive, everybody collaborates in a casual, warm and informal atmosphere. Lifestyle Our students at Marbella Design Academy enjoy a very special way of life. Not only are they taught at a professional academic level, they also benefit from the attractive Spanish lifestyle. The weather is the best in Europe with more than 300 sunny days per year, which is such a boost for their personal wellbeing. Student accommodation, situated in the lovely and inspiring environment in the picturesque village of Monda, is of a good standard and fantastic value for money. The cost of living is one of the lowest in Europe. Being a student at Marbella Design Academy in the South of Spain is less of a financial burden as studying in many other parts of the world, and therefore most of the students can concentrate on their studies and do not need to waste valuable time on additional paid work after tuition hours. They can enjoy life and the Spanish atmosphere. You will probably have the best time of your life here.

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by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „Madrid Summer Course Sessions“ by „ESCP Europe Business School, Campus Madrid

Summer Course Sessions are also offered on the London campus. Please have a look at the page, or have a look at a video on .

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by Raymond Modesti from The Netherlands


for „IBA Summer Course“ by „International Belcanto Academy (IBA)

Another positive feedback on our 2018 Summer course! Lessons with Raymond Modesti are invaluable. Every time I work with him, I find more efficient and quicker ways to coordinate my breath to support the sound and stabilize the larynx rather than letting my jaw and tongue control these factors. Whenever I had hesitation or felt any unnecessary tension, he would find ways for me to achieve the same (or usually better) sound without it. I came to the program this year feeling some sort of very subtle but unneeded hold in my abdominal muscles that I wanted to address and his approach allowed me to remap and very consciously modify my breath coordination to avoid that "hold". I find this approach allows a freer sound with less manipulation and it becomes very easy to articulate the vowels in a natural speech-like way. Thank you!!! The opportunity to perform such a wonderful role with reduced orchestra for an audience is incredible. It allows me to safely explore how to technically and dramatically execute a large role and to work through the nerves of performing. The collegial environment that Raymond and Nelly create is unlike other programs and I appreciate the effort they both put in. One on one acting lessons with Nelly Vogler are fantastic— insightful and practical. I really enjoyed working with the conductor, Lex Wiersma . The workshop with a theater agent , for me, was just what I needed at this time in my career and, coupled with your lessons and the performance experience, has jump-started me to start planning auditions and looking for more opportunities in Europe. She gave critical and constructive information and opinions, based on her experiences, and without treating us like students, and I really appreciate that. Amy Harris (USA)

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by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „International Business Certificate“ by „International School of Management (ISM) Campus Dortmund

Please note: The ISM has campuses in Dortmund, Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart. On StudyAdvisor, the programs offered on each campus can be found at - Dortmund: - Frankfurt/Main: - Munich: - Hamburg: - Cologne: - Stuttgart:

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