ESCE Paris – International Business School

10 rue Sextius Michel , 75015 Paris, France

ESCE: A 46-YEAR HISTORY, 46 YEARS OF EXPERTISE IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS September 1968. On the initiative of the French Foreign Trade Center, now known as UBI France, ESCE is founded by four professors. It is the first business school to specialize in International Business Management, and its mission is to train the “future infantry” of International Trade, in France, and to build expertise in the import/export business. From the beginning, ESCE proudly displayed its point of difference: a unique international recipe for our students to savor, combining techniques of international trade and advanced foreign languages, academic mobility abroad, an international faculty, and an all-pervasive multiculturalism. It is the secret dosage of these ingredients – which only our students discover – that makes ESCE so effective in producing excellence. The ESCE curriculum lasted two years in 1968, gradually expanding in response to legitimate expectations for a quality international management program. Three, then four, and finally five years are now required to ensure that each student can achieve their professional ambitions. With 46 years of experience in the world of private higher education, ESCE is renowned amongst management schools for its international programs and the quality of its curriculum. WHY CHOOSE ESCE Five ingredients for success 1. AMONG THE TOP-FIVE FRENCH UNDERGRADUATE & GRADUATE BUSINESS SCHOOLS - The first international business school in France, founded in 1968 on the initiative of UBIFRANCE, ranked today among the top five French business schools offering undergraduate and graduate programs (Le Figaro Etudiants 2013). - A five-year degree accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research - Five years of study leading to a Master’s Degree based on a dual skill-set: International Trade + one of six specializations 2. AN INTERNATIONAL HUB - Strategic partnerships with 180 renowned universities - Eighteen double degree agreements - Over 800 students per year leave for academic exchanges in second, fourth and fifth years - 650 foreign students studying on the ESCE campus - Intensive use of two or three foreign languages 3. CONSTANT CONTACT WITH COMPANIES - Up to fifteen months of internships in France and abroad - Dual education system offered at graduate level - A study and career plan gradually crafted under supervision - Support to find the right job, fast 4. RIGOROUS SELECTION - First year admissions through the SESAME national entrance exam - Third and fourth year admissions through the AMBITIONS+ entrance exam, common to four business schools belonging to UGEI 5. A POWERFUL ALUMNI NETWORK - 8,100 former students working in 75 countries throughout the world - A pool of corporate executives covering a wide range of business areas: marketing and communications, international trade, international finance, audit and consulting, human resources, supply chain, entrepreneurship, etc. MISSION AND VALUES ESCE’s mission is to educate international business leaders with full awareness of their ethical, social and cultural responsibilities in a globalized world. The school carries out its mission through a research-led program emphasizing managerial knowledge and practical skills. COMMITMENT Our chief commitment is to constantly mobilize all our efforts and resources to lead our students towards success. Our students’ reciprocal commitment to their course of study produces a cumulative energy full of promise. RESPONSIBILITY We foster the professional and personal development of our students with integrity. While actively promoting fairness, diversity and equality, we encourage our students to take full responsibility for their choices and actions. CREATIVITY ESCE has always strived to design original courses and a customizable curriculum, and to deliver them with enthusiasm. INNOVATION ESCE’s dynamic and innovative approach is guided by the principles of constant development, adaptability to the labor market and anticipation of contemporary educational and economic needs, underpinned by the fusion of our collective talents and skills. OPENNESS TO OTHERS Openness to others has been a core value since the school’s foundation. This means listening, welcoming different points of view, paying individual attention to each of our students, and a long-standing will to federate and share the best that each of us has to offer. MULTICULTURALISM “Shared meaning.” A concept that has become reality at ESCE through the daily interaction between the different cultures that thrive in the school. KEY FIGURES - School founded in 1968 - Professional experience: 15 months of internships in France and abroad - Up to 18 months of exchanges in foreign universities (study semesters and double degrees). - Rigorous selectivity: 88% of accepted students gained merit in their high school diploma or baccalauréat - 2,500 students, including 500 international students of 51 different nationalities - 5 campuses: Paris, Lyon, Geneva, London, San Francisco - 180 partner universities around the globe - 9,400 alumni working in 75 countries

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ESCE Paris – International Business School

Paris, France

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