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Jalan Kubu Gunung, Banjar Tegal Jaya, Dalung, North Kuta, Badung Regency 0, 80361 Bali, Indonesia

NHL Stenden. Groundbreaking. By expanding your boundaries, there is no telling what you might accomplish. That is why we challenge our students, staff and partners every day to discover and develop their talents, as part of a journey that transcends the limits of their own professional field and immediate environment. Courses, minors, and certified courses International Hospitality Management Do you enjoy a dynamic environment? Can you keep your cool even under great pressure? Do empathy and a service-minded attitude come naturally to you? If this describes you and you also happen to enjoy meeting people from all over the world, you will find that International Hospitality Management is perfect for you! Experience being a student in Bali’s only International campus. Practical work experience in Alila Hotels and Resorts. Various specialisation possibilities: Event Management, Cruise Management, Gastronomy, Food and Beverage Management, Advanced Wine Studies, and much more. Complete the third year of the programme in the Netherlands. Ten-month paid internship in the final year, mostly leading to direct employment at the internship company after graduating. Career A double bachelor’s degree from STIE Triatma Mulya in cooperation with Stenden puts you on the fast track to a career in the global hospitality industry. You may choose from any number of career paths, ranging from a management position at a hotel or restaurant, theme park, conference centre or event planning company, to business consultant. You could even start your own business. Your degree will open up a range of career opportunities worldwide! More information International Business Administration Do you want to become an all-round manager or entrepreneur? Are you looking to excel in communication, leadership, problem solving and strategy? International Business Administration may just be the perfect choice for you! Learn to understand and improve businesses as a manager or advisor. You will develop a broad skill set, which makes you a valuable addition to any organisation in any country. Various specialisation possibilities: International Branding, Entrepreneurship in Action, Intrapreneurship, Marketing Communications, Retail Concept Development, and much more. Expand your horizon by studying in the Netherlands in your third year. Gain real-world experience: we have strong ties to the field. Your personal study coach offers you guidance whenever you need it. Ten-month paid internship in the final year, mostly leading to direct employment at the internship company after graduating. Career The International Business Administration programme prepares you for a position in senior management. As a business administrator, you will be required to ensure that your department in an organisation performs well. Whether you work in ICT, purchasing, finance, facilities management or administration, as a manager, you will have to know what is needed and how the department can contribute successfully to the overall company objectives. As a graduate of this programme, you will be able to identify problems quickly and you enjoy solving them effectively. More information About the degrees The Dutch bachelor programme and degree are accredited by the NVAO in the Netherlands (The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders). To obtain a Dutch degree, students must spend one year (60 ECTS) at the campus of NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The Sarjana Ekonomi is awarded through Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Triatma Mulya and is accredited through the national accreditation board of higher education in Indonesia, the BAN-PT. You may choose to pursue a dual bachelor’s degree; a Dutch degree combined with an Indonesian degree. Minors offered in Bali Event Management 1 Marketing Management in Asia 2 Spa Business Strategy Entrepreneurship in Action BALI Proud of culture Bali is one of the most beautiful islands of the Indonesian archipelago. It is rightly called “The Island of Gods” and has a varied cultural life. The Balinese people are proud of their Hindu culture and heritage, which they demonstrate through the art of woodcarving and by holding all sorts of ceremonies and festivals year-round. The island's flora and fauna are splendid and it has a pleasant tropical climate all year round. Many of the gyms and sports clubs in Badung cater to the large student population. From pristine beaches to a varied topographical landscape with mountains; Bali is a unique and serene place to visit. Our campus is in the welcoming south of Bali, amidst various popular tourist attractions and a lot of cultural activities for our students.

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Stenden University Bali

Bali, Indonesia

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