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Sheffield Hallam University (SHU)

Study abroad at Sheffield Hallam University Enhance your studies and experience life in the UK with the Study Abroad Programme at Sheffield Hallam University. Meet new people and expand your horizons as you study with us for one semester or a full year. The Study Abroad Programme enables you to study with us for one semester or one year and gain credits towards your degree, even if we don%27t have an exchange agreement in place with your University. This provides you with a wider choice of subjects to choose from. If you plan to study for one semester, you can choose from a September or January start date. If you’d like to come to Sheffield for a full year, you’ll start in September. Sheffield Sheffield is a welcoming, multicultural city with a rich and proud history. It is a safe, friendly and inexpensive place to live, which is why it%27s the study destination of choice for more than 50,000 students. Sheffield offers the best of both worlds, with all the amenities, culture and entertainment of a big city and the peaceful, green spaces of the countryside. The city is just over two hours from London and one hour from Manchester by train. The closest international airport is Manchester. What can I study? We offer a wide range of subject areas to suit your degree. Your first year of study must be relevant to the route you choose. Our subject areas include • Architecture • Animation and game • Biosciences • Business • Creative writing • Criminology • English • Film, Screen and Stage • History • Hospitality, Tourism and Events • Media and communications • Politics • Psychology • Sport What are the entry requirements? To apply to our Study Abroad Programme, you’ll need to be studying towards a degree at a recognised university, and have completed at least one year of your course. This means you%27ll join us during or at the start of your second year of study. You will also need to provide evidence of your learning and proficiency in English. Can I take the credits back home? We offer transferable credits for your time in Sheffield. However, you will need to check that your home institution will accept these as credits towards your degree and that the route is relevant to your final year of study. • 60 credits for one semester • 120 credits for one year In addition, on successful completion of your studies you will be awarded an International Certificate in your chosen subject area for one semester or an International Diploma in your chosen subject for one year. As part of the award you are required to successfully complete a Global Citizen Portfolio module. Visa requirements Students from outside the EEA or Switzerland need a visa to study in the UK. You must hold a valid UK visa that entitles you to study at Sheffield Hallam University before you can begin your course with us. What will it cost? 2018/19 tuition fees are payable for students on the Study Abroad Programme. • One semester EU £4625, International £6375 • One year EU £9,250, International £12,750 In addition you’ll also need to cover your own accommodation and living costs. Accommodation and Living costs Sheffield has a low cost of living compared to other major UK cities, meaning your money will go further. Living costs here are significantly lower than in London. If you apply before the deadlines we will guarantee you a place in our Liberty Hall complex. For £120 per week, you will be located in the city centre, so everything Sheffield has to offer will be right on your doorstep and you’ll never be short of things to see and do. Living at Liberty Hall is safe, secure and affordable - it costs less than half the price of renting a similar place in London. You’ll also save on travel costs as the complex is just a short walk from both the City and Collegiate Campus. Important dates Submit your application by: • 30 November for January start • 31 July for September start Apply for accommodation at Liberty Hall by: • 1 August for September starts • 1 December for January starts Applications accepted after these dates will be processed on a case by case basis although we cannot guarantee your accommodation. How to apply If you’d like to study in Sheffield as part of our Study Abroad Programme, visit to download your application form.

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